40 year anniversary group

On October 6, 1980, Scott Godino formed The Equity Group in the heart of Vegas. Under his guidance, The Equity Group quickly became a leader in Las Vegas’ real estate market. Now, 40 years later, The Equity Group has grown to a staff of over 25 team members and is powered by the SVN brand. SVN | The Equity Group remains one of Nevada’s oldest real estate companies, with a solid reputation for providing market-tested counsel and hands-on service to all clients.

SVN | The Equity Group hosted a private event for it’s employees on Friday October 23rd at TPC Country Club. Employees and previous employees shared their gratitude for the opportunities Godino gave them throughout the years.

5 mobile apps

Are you taking advantage of the technology and tools available to you today? The days of papers and pagers are over. Technology and mobile internet access dominate the work field. We are fortunate to be out more in the field and less stuck at our desks. And let’s face the facts... our clients are also connected to mobile devices more than ever before. Thus, increasing our clients expectancy on delivery times and levels of service. Keeping up with these expectations can be a challenge, but we have found that these tools can help both investors and agents perform right off their mobile devices.

remote work

For ages an office building was a sign of a company's success. The more grand the building, the more prestigious it’s success deemed to be. This idea is changing as businesses are changing how they occupy commercial real estate. With our ever evolving technology, millennials becoming a large element of the work space, and advances in wireless and internet communications, workers are able to communicate and access corporate networks from anywhere!

the farm field trip

Last week SVN | The Equity Group had the honor of taking a field trip to The Farm Las Vegaswith a sprinter full of goodies.

SVN The Equity Group is pleased to announce two new members to our commercial brokerage team, David Houle and Jacob Tobar. While each advisor brings with them unique backgrounds and experience, they both share the same commitment to provide excellent service to our clients and to highlight the economic, ecological, and social values that SVN The Equity Group stands for.

capital gains

A recent article on GlobeSt.com addresses some misconceptions about Opportunity Zones, or as I refer to them, “oZones”.

Kevin Maggiacomo, president and CEO, SVN International Corp., discusses the future of commercial real estate brokerage in an ever-evolving industry. Maggiacomo stresses the power of proactive broker-compensated cooperation in creating shared value for all stakeholders in today's CRE deals.

SVN selects The Equity Group as Las Vegas franchise partner

“SVN | The Equity Group managers that have handled my property have demonstrated high competence through excellent communicative skills, property maintenance, and keeping me regularly informed on operational matters.”

Alan Bayles, President Maxwell Building Corporation