Last week SVN | The Equity Group had the honor of taking a field trip to The Farm Las Vegas with a sprinter full of goodies.

So thankful for Sharon and the hard working volunteers for all that they do and the huge hearts that they have for these animals. Such an eye opening and heart felt experience visiting this animal sanctuary! Barn Buddies Rescue is open Saturday and Sunday, with a farmers market that offers seasonal vegetables and fruit. They are also available for weddings, parties, corporate retreats, and field trips. 

To volunteer or donate (all proceeds go to housing, feeding and caring of the animals) please contact Sharon - 702.982.8000 or contact@thelasvegasfarm.com

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“SVN | The Equity Group managers in our employ, have treated the property much as their own, looking to keep expenses under control and building occupancy at 100 percent.”

Alan Bayles, President Maxwell Building Corporation