5 Apps

Are you taking advantage of the technology and tools available to you today? The days of papers and pagers are over. Technology and mobile internet access dominate the work field. We are fortunate to be out more in the field and less stuck at our desks. And let’s face the facts... our clients are also connected to mobile devices more than ever before. Thus, increasing our clients expectancy on delivery times and levels of service. Keeping up with these expectations can be a challenge, but we have found that these tools can help both investors and agents perform right off their mobile devices.

1 - CoStar Go

Compatible on: iOS devices

Cost: Free for basic access and a premium subscription to access all features

Features: With CoStarGo, you can look through CoStar's property and listings database for any location. The results are most up to date and conveniently presented on a Map. You are able to pinpointed for specific areas and neighborhoods and results include market data like area occupancy and sale comps. Individual properties show data like agents, landlords, principles and floor plans.

2 - RCA Commercial Property Search  

Compatible on: iOS and Android devices

Cost: Free w/ a premium subscription to access all features

Features: RCA's Commercial Real Estate Transaction Search has many features that you can find on other apps but focuses mainly on comps from property sales, refinancings, and transfers. It even features details for all commercial property types: office, retail, industrial, multifamily, hotels, development sites just to name a few.


3 - LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Search

Compatible on: iOS and Android devices

Cost: Free

Features: Like CoStarGo, LoopNet allows you to search for rental and sale properties all across the nation on a Google Map. LoopNet shows you all the information you'll need about a property, including comps, mortgage terms and tenant analysis. An individual property listing shows its rental rate, broker contact information and provides a description if given.

4 - Real Estate Touring by Realync

Compatible on: iOS devices (and on the web)

Cost: Free

Features: ReaLync is a cloud based web & mobile app that offers pre-recorded tours of properties or live, virtual interactions with brokers as they explore the space. Giving you the option to bring in countless people on virtual tours of properties.


5 - Property Capsule  

Compatible on: iOS devices (also mobile website friendly when using Google Chrome)

Cost: Free

Features: Property Capsule is another cloud-based technology platform. This helps manage your commercial real estate leasing portfolio. The app features specialized tools, such as flyers and interactive site plans that can be automatically updated whenever a tenant or information changes, making it easily accessible and presentable to you and clients.

“They excel at not only at the operations of the center but also at responding to my requests and needs.”

Kimberly Schizas
Partner, Shadow Mountain Marketplace