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For almost 40 years, SVN | The Equity Group has been a leader in the Las Vegas commercial real estate and property management industry. 

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May 30th

5 Mobile Apps to utilize for the commercial real estate investor/agents

Are you taking advantage of the technology and tools available to you today? The days of papers and pagers are over. Technology and mobile internet access dominate the work field. We are fortunate to be out more in the field and less stuck at our desks. And let’s face the facts... our clients are also connected to mobile devices more than ever before. Thus, increasing our clients expectancy on delivery times and levels of service. Keeping up with these expectations can be a challenge, but we have found that these tools can help both investors and agents perform right off their mobile devices.

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“SVN | The Equity Group managers in our employ, have treated the property much as their own, looking to keep expenses under control and building occupancy at 100 percent.”

Alan Bayles, President Maxwell Building Corporation